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Climate Pledge Friendly

We guide you through the steps to get into the Amazon Climate Pledge friendly program

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“Anken: Your Certification Guide for Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly”

“Save time and money by letting us do the work of finding the best certifications for your products! Make informed choices with Team Anken! We guide you through Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program and recommend certifications such as Energy Star, Fair Trade, and CarbonFree among the 40+ different certifications available. With Team Anken’s expertise, navigating Amazon’s eco-friendly options is easy. Save time and money with informed, sustainable choices for a better future!”

Climate Pledge Friendly


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We guide you through 3 steps towards the best certification for your products. The steps:

01 We collect

We will have an onboard meeting to hear all about your products and your goals.

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With all collected product-data we will find the best certification options fot you.

03 We report

We will report the best options for you and tell you how to go about it step by step.

FAQ – Climate Pledge Friendly

How can my company track the impact of participating in the program?2023-11-28T19:28:44+00:00

Through your Amazon Seller Central account, you can access data and analytics on how your Climate Pledge Friendly products perform. This information allows you to gauge customer interest and the positive impact your products have on the environment.

Are there any additional marketing opportunities for Climate Pledge Friendly companies?2023-11-28T19:28:53+00:00

Yes, Amazon offers marketing support for Climate Pledge Friendly companies, including dedicated pages and promotions that highlight sustainable products. This exposure helps raise awareness about your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Is the Climate Pledge Friendly program restricted to specific industries or product categories?2023-11-28T19:29:05+00:00

No, the program is open to various industries and product categories. Whether your company specializes in electronics, fashion, home goods, or any other sector, you can apply to have your sustainable products certified as Climate Pledge Friendly.

What benefits does the Climate Pledge Friendly label offer to my company?2023-11-28T19:29:13+00:00

The Climate Pledge Friendly label provides your company’s products with increased visibility and exposure to a growing base of eco-conscious customers. By adding the label to your product pages. The added filter option ‘Climate pledge friendly’, makes you want It demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, helping you build a positive brand reputation.

How can my company get the Climate Pledge Friendly label for our products?2023-11-28T19:29:21+00:00

To get the Climate Pledge Friendly label for your products, your company needs to apply for any of the certification partners that are selected for the Climate pledge friendly program. Once approved, your products will be labeled as Climate Pledge Friendly, making them easily identifiable to conscious consumers on Amazon.

What are the eligibility criteria for products to become Climate Pledge Friendly?2023-11-28T19:29:30+00:00

To qualify, products must meet rigorous sustainability standards set by external certification organizations. These criteria cover various eco-friendly aspects, ensuring that the products have a reduced carbon footprint and support sustainability.

What is the Climate Pledge Friendly program?2023-11-28T19:29:35+00:00

The Climate Pledge Friendly program is an initiative by Amazon that promotes and showcases sustainable products to customers.

Amazon is dedicated to leading the way in sustainability by introducing The Climate Pledge, co-founded with Global Optimism. This pledge commits Amazon to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040. Amazon has invested heavily in renewable energy, with plans to power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Additionally, Amazon is focused on achieving zero waste across its global operations.

In conclusion, the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program is a beacon of a more sustainable future. It’s a partnership between Amazon, customers, and businesses committed to making a positive impact on the environment.